Engraved Crystal Awards

We offer an extensive collection of lead crystal, optical crystal, crystalite and crystal glass awards via two different websites - Crystal-Awards-Supplier.co.uk and crystalawards.co.uk/uppermost:

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Click the screenshot on the right to view an extensive collection of modern and classic crystal awards at our crystalawards.co.uk website. This brochure site includes product prices and users may submit a product enquiry to request a callback, ask for a quote, or enquire about lead times, shipping costs or any other information you may need.

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About Crystal-Awards-Supplier.co.uk

Launched in 2002, our Crystal Awards Supplier website quickly established itself as a quality UK supplier of crystal awards. The site features a choice selection of awards available to buy online with low, fixed-cost text engraving, free logo engraving and fast turnaround on your order.

The products available to purchase online at Crystal Awards Supplier range from classic crystal presentation items such as decanters, bowls and vases, to brand name crystal, optical crystal awards and flat glass awards.

All our crystal awards are offered with low, fixed-cost engraving of text and free logo engraving, allowing customers to personalise their awards with event and sponsor details at low or even no cost. In addition, we also offer fixed price delivery and, as with all our Web sites, we operate a no quibble returns policy.

Traditional Crystal Awards

Fine quality crystal has long been admired and enjoyed as a symbol of achievement or success. We offer a selection of traditional crystal products, including engraved wine glass goblets and engraved whisky glass tumblers, that are suitable for a wide range of presentation awards.

Our engraved crystal decanters and engraved crystal bowls and vases are popular as anniversary gifts and as retirement gifts.

For in-service awards, our engraved crystal tankards make practical and stylish presentation items for men while our presentation bowls, particularly the rose bowls, are popular with older recipients.

Brand Name Lead Crystal

Waterford Crystal male golf figureIn addition to our traditional crystal awards and flat glass awards, we offer a select range of brand name crystal from some of the leading manufacturers and designers in the field. These include a selection of fine quality golf figures from the renowned Waterford Crystal brand. Our Waterford golfers are just part of a larger collection of Crystal Sports Awards, including several more crystal golf awards as well as football (soccer) awards.

Shire Crystal trophy vasesOne of the most respected English crystal brands is Shire Crystal which is based in the glass industry heartland of the Midlands. Shire Crystal is handmade using traditional techniques. Our selection of Shire Crystal includes small and large trophy vases, claret jugs (perfect as classic golf awards), tankards, bowls and vases.

Path to Success Award by Mario CioniFor a modern twist on a traditional craft, we offer a choice selection of magnificent crystal awards from the Italian designer Mario Cioni. These include the sumptuous Path To Success award (shown left), an outstanding presentation award for winners or achievement awards. Our Cioni collection also features a superb Winged Victory award and an exquisite crystal tower award.